Monday, November 21, 2005

Levels 41-50

Level 41

- picture called germanvsenglish.jpg, german versus english in a game of somesort, rock, paper, scissors? they show scissors and paper. but where is rock?, rock.htm

Level 42A

-Move around the symbols in the source to get open, open.htm

Level 42B

-What type of blueprint, orthographic, orthographic.htm

Level 43A

- Picture is called frvademap, or fr va de map, i see va - virginia, and de - delaware, but where is fr - france, france.htm once you type that in, just click on the cat.

Level 43B

-Source hint leads me to cheerios, and the pic is called frvademap.jpg…so, frvade’s map is frvade’s frappr, and on there there is a dude called cheerios, and his comment is sharp…so sharp.htm


Levels 31-40

Level 31
-Find what is wrong in the article. it says 200,000 Icelanders, and there are actually 280,000, 200000.htm

Level 32
-Looks like all those inventions and inventors match up except one. Starbucks doesn't show an inventor. Its inventor is schultz, schultz.htm will lead to a 404 error, or is it? check the source of the 404 page to get alarm, alarm.htm

Level 33
-Well, the only way frvade can tell that we are being truthfull about who we are is by our IP address. Input your IP address for access to the next page.

Level 34
-The image has a kryptos that you need to use. When you do u get "w a i l s". subtract those letters from the title to get HTONRED and anagram that to get throned, throned.htm

Level 35
-The source has some gibberish in it "Mfgbd gzj Uaepi". Move those letters five times to the right on the keyboard to get "Black and White". Search the frvade forums for username of Black and White. You will find it only has one post and in that post it says one word, snickerdoodle.htm

Level 36 (FAKE)
-Convert the stuff in the source to regular and you get cordinates. Put a dot at each of those cordinates on a picture using Paint and it will spell out clip, clip.htm

Level 36 (REAL)
-The last level said we deserved a cookie for beating level 35. Check your cookies from frvade to see one thats called dantes.htm

Level 37
-The sharp tower alludes to the eiffel tower in paris, france. Frvade says in his info.htm that he goes to school in chi-town. for some reason, here and there are mixed up...whatever
user: france
pass: chicago

Level 38
-to be honest, with this one i just guessed a ton of stuff. Not sure how frvade wanted this to actually be solved. but i guessed everything i thought of...and one of the things, inspird by the pictures name "k.jpg" was kaye.htm which is the answer....

Level 39
-Has multiple im gonna put them all here

39a - title has doe instead of do - deer.htm
39b - title has ray instead of re - bradbury.htm
39c - title has me instead of mi - frvade.htm
39d - title has FA instead of fa - user: football, pass: association
39e - title has sow instead of so - whirlwind.htm
39f - title has LA instead of la - user: los, pass: angeles
39g - title has tea instead of ti - google tea and startrek to find earl grey tea - user: earl, pass: gray
39h - title has dough instead of do - cookie.htm
39g - convert 1's 0's to letters to get onlythecolorscanhelpyounow - only the colors can help you now - colors of rainbow - rainbow.htm

Level 40a
-hope is written on the eye, hope.htm

Level 40b
-number on bills is 4521219, 4521219.htm

Level 40c
-near the signature on the picture it says last really small, last.htm

Levels 21-30

Level 21
-The source says nitro.jpg and that picture says you need to EMPTY THE end. so, put in nitro.mp3 because MMMTEEEETHEEEE > MMMMMPEEEEETHREEEEEEE and in the songs title you see miracle.htm

Level 22
-Bird is mascot for Baltimore Orioles, they play in maryland, maryland.htm

Level 23
-That math problem has a part where it divides by zero, so, what did level 21 tell us?
"Black holes are where god divided by zero"

Level 24
-Where can you find Frvade information? and the source of that site has a comment of splinter, splinter.htm

Level 25
-lime.mp3 has the song "Yeah" by Usher at the end of it but it is slowed down a lot. So download audacity and speed up the song to hear it clearly and you will hear it. yeah.htm

Level 26
-The word of the day at on 4/20/03 was oneiric, oneiric.htm

Level 27
-We all know that men, not aliens, make crop circles, men.htm

Level 28
-Who is a miserable failure in the democrat frvade's opinion? george bush. so, user: george
pass: bush

Level 29
-Lets play a counting game! there are a total of 18 squares there, 18.htm

Level 29B
-image called countx2.gif, so count the words that flash and multiply by 2, 128.htm

Level 29C
-Take the h x w of image and divide by 3 for 64736, 64736.htm

Level 30 (FAKE)
-Title leads you to believe that level 29 isn't over. go to screen29d.jpg and it says pocket, pocket.htm

Level 30 (REAL)
-move your finger on the numpad in the order that the numbers in the source tell you and you end up writing F L I N T, flint.htm

Levels 11-20

Level 11
-alliteration in source shows N N U U M M B B, numb.htm

Level 12
-source says planet has many names, meaning to me that it has many moons, its history with moons from a google search led me to IO goddess, io.htm

Level 13
-that sign woudl be found in argentina, argentina.htm

Level 14
-Rush Limbaugh should be Samuel Bush really, so User: samuel
Pass: bush

Level 15
-The image is a gif, and it has a thing flash on "Band Room", so User: band
Pass: room

Level 16
-Save the image and open it up in PS and zoom in around the area of the watermark and you will see, in yellow letters, pie, pie.htm

Level 17
-convert numbers in source to letters and you get "navajo" and then do a google search for navajo TKOH and the first result says = water, water.htm

Level 18
-Who's birthday is on 4/20? Hitler's, hitler.htm

Level 19
-Source says

I have 15.
I have 18.

I have 47.
I have 8.
I have 7.

and the picture is of the four original ELEMENTS. Look up those numbers on the periodic table of elements and you get P Ar Ag O N, paragon.htm

Level 20
-Title is The White Album spelled backwards, on the white album there was a song you could play backwards to hear paul is dead, so user: paul
pass: dead

Levels 1-10

Ok, these are just here cus I want to post the answers to ALL of the puzzles. However, if you really need to cheat to get these answers, then there is no point in doing this at all.

Level 1
-change the ending to level2.htm

Level 2
-change no to yes

Level 3
-Click the link, user: john
password: paul

Level 4
-convert numbers to letters to get harmonica, harmonica.htm

Level 5
-go to screen5.jpg and it says balance, balance.htm

Level 6
-source says "leetest players team", and that team is play, play.htm

Level 7
-Red dots on the letters L E A S and H, leash.htm

Level 8
-source says answer is obvious, obvious.htm

Level 9
-click nose, First = julius, Last = caesar, because caesar salad is food fit for gods...

Level 10
-source shows 10a.gif, so go to 10b.gif and 10c.gif and u get a zipper and a barcode, combined to form zipcode. original image has u of c blinking in pink, the zip code of there is 60637, 60637.htm


I feel like frvade is being a bit arrogant in saying that this is the "hardest enigma" on the web. The front page of his site says 0 have succeeded....however, I have been successfully reaching temporary end after temporary end. None can succeed if there is not a finished product. So, to maybe encourage frvade to make more, challenging puzzles and get the whole thing done, I will be posting the answers to every single one, puzzle by puzzle, as they come. Enjoy!